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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the food is sent to FMSC partner organizations around the world. The food we pack here in the Rogue Valley will most likely feed children in the Philippines. FMSC does partner with domestic organizations during catastrophic disasters here in the US to help bridge the (food) gap between normal life and rebuilding.


FMSC uses 90% of all donations towards meal preparation. This means 90 cents from every dollar goes to feed kids. FYI that’s really really amazing. They are also a 4 star non-profit (16 years in a row, this is the best you can be, see Charity Navigator).


Yes, your donation will be made to FMSC and allocated towards our event specifically (use the donate link on our website for the easiest way to donate). We can accept checks (made payable to FMSC) or cash at the event as well.


Each session is about 2 hours long, 30 minutes is orientation (sitting), packing is about an hour (mostly standing but we have some sitting positions available) and then about 30 minutes of debrief and food sampling. Trust us, it will go faster than you’d like it to!


Yes! But all the food we (you) pack is also paid for by us. Most people will pack around $50 worth of food. We (as a community) pay for each meal we pack. But yes, no pressure to donate, please come and pack and have fun! If you have a group with more than 25 people please contact us regarding this. Thanks!

5 years of age and up can volunteer! It’s truly a family friendly event.

Well it’s been said, “God only created a few perfect heads and the rest he put hair on.” But yes, we all wear hair nets regardless of God’s handiwork. :)

For the most part, no. Please leave earrings, necklaces, rings (that have diamonds — sorry ladies, solid bands are okay) at home or put them in your pocket prior to arriving. We’ve actually lost a wedding ring once and it almost caused us to re-open every bag of food we packed that session. Thankfully it was found. FMSC can’t ship food that could have harmful objects in them if eaten. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.